There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

Ernest Hemingway


July 2011

Bulldog versus Pool PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Saturday, 30 July 2011 12:51

Gus wants to bring his pool inside! I love the moment when he susses out that he needs to turn it on its side.

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Maajid Nawaz: Fighting Extremism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:29

I've been aching to post a Ted talk ever since Ted Talks appeared on the Stuff White People Like website.

Due to the broad audience watching the talks, TED speakers generally take very complex ideas and boil them down into a simple engaging presentation. So when a white person finds out that you have a PhD and visits and attempts to engage you in a conversation about String Theory, you should know that all of their understanding comes from a twenty-minute talk they listened to while running on a treadmill. You should also be aware that the average white person considers their knowledge on the subject to be on par or superior to yours.

Now, mocking the Ted Talks is not to disparage the courageous Maajid Nawaz. If you don't know about him, you should. He is a former Islamic extremist (apparently his marriage broke up when he abandoned Islamism) who now travels the world trying to fight extremist mentality -- talking to Muslims in the Middle East about the openness of the United States, England, the West in general, trying to show them that they are fighting the wrong enemy. On the heels of the horror in Norway, I thought this talk would be appropriate. By the way, you can also follow Nawaz on Twitter.

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God Save the...What? It's Over Already? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:16


Grand Prix driver Lewis Hamilton, an Englishman, says he wants God Save the Queen to be extended so he can have more podium time after winning a race.

Hamilton took the German Grand Prix last weekend, and says he was "massively proud" to be on the podium. "The only thing is everyone else's (national anthem) is much longer than ours, so I would urge the U.K. to make our national anthem much longer." He singled out Brazilian driver Felipe Massa: "Theirs is like 10 minutes long. When I'm there, it's less than half a minute."

He's got a point. Some anthems are interminable (O Canada comes to mind) while some of the lovely ones (La Marseillaise, the Russian anthem) could stand to be longer.
Cuteness Plus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:06

Adorable baby sloth yawning: this is how I look in the morning, only I'm not nearly as cute.

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Man in Pink PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rondi   
Wednesday, 27 July 2011 11:35
It takes a real uomo to wear pink, especially when combined with neon orange shoelaces. I was very lucky to see the rain-soaked Juventus-Sporting Lisbon match on Saturday, and even more fortunate to be a guest of Telelatino (thank you, darling boyfriend!). We were pretty high up (in their fancy-pants, private box, which is the only way to watch any sport), but I wasn't complaining. And yes, I have accepted that this is the only circumstance under which I will ever be shouting out "Andrea! Andrea!" when he and I (and his rain-drenched hair) are together. Anyway, when I am slightly more inspired I shall make a Flickr album of the evening and inform you, dear readers.
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