Beryl O’Links: Festive Edition

Some new; some old. Stories I’ve bookmarked and forgot about…until now, the bizarre lost week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Antarctic penguin shows up in New Zealand. They re-released him more or less where they found him, which struck me as ungenerous. Why not give him a little boat or plane trip back home?

The remains of a Catholic priest who died as a prisoner-of-war in Korea were identified earlier this year. Bless his memory. (Thousands turned out for his funeral in September.)

A man was reunited with his relatively unscathed kitty after the recent tornado in Kentucky.

The political origins of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” I have to admit, this is not one of my preferred carols, but its background is interesting, and the song itself is more recent than I had known.

A community in Northern Ontario steps up to save an injured fawn.

Why you should not learn history from TV or movies…though sadly, more and more do just that.

An Oklahoma sixth-grader saves two lives in one day.

Jurassic alert! Perfectly preserved baby dino found curled up inside egg.

The guy who inspired Joni Mitchell’s “Carey.” This profile confirms my contempt for Baby Boomers/hippies. Seriously, the worst group of people. That said, some of ’em (like Mitchell) were/are crazy-talented.

Finally, a joining together of two of my most beloved things: grammar and Christmas! Enjoy: