Further to my Previous

So, I was saying here that Biden is compassionate and decent, but boy, the events of the past few days are making me wonder. And that statement he gave yesterday was appalling. To sum it up in a few sentences: “I am President of the United States and the buck stops here. But everyone else is to blame.” “I am the President of the United States.” “Afghans aren’t willing to die for their future, and yes, I am conveniently forgetting that 70,000 members of the Afghan military have died in this conflict.” “We will always support the Afghan people, except for starting from now.” “Did I mention I was President of the United States?” “Evil Trump made me do this, and even though I have gone back on pretty much all of his policies, I can’t go back on this one.” “I am President and I stand by my decision. Also, everyone else is to blame.” “We can’t have an endless war and endless sacrifice of American lives, and yes, I am ignoring the fact that there are only 2500 US troops in Afghanistan and that we have had troops in Korea and Europe for decades now.” “I am President of the United States and this is not my fault. Also, I am not taking questions.”

What adds to the tragedy is that all Biden had to do was nothing, as explained in this column.