Pandemic Cooking: Beet Edition

Readers, we get a weekly fruit and veggie delivery from an organic farm just outside Toronto. This week, we got – among other things – beets. Now, I like beets. I like roasted beets and beet and apple salad. I like golden beet soup. I have a friend who makes a mind-blowing salad with grated beets, walnuts and goat cheese. Heaven!

But I decided to try something different – beet hummus. Sounds gross, but was excellent. All you need: roasted beets (peeled – I do so after they are roasted) and garlic (lots of garlic); a tin of chick peas; the juice of a whole lemon; the zest of a whole lemon; salt and pepper and cumin to taste. Tahini if you have it (I didn’t). Put it all in a food processor and voila. Add a dash of balsamic without mixing it in, put some crushed almonds on top. It is pretty and tasty and healthy.

I don’t blog about food much, but I was so delighted with this. One caveat – change into black clothes. Cooking with beets makes the kitchen look like a crime scene and the chef look like the runaway perp.