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Forever Missed

This weekend would have been my brother‘s 69th birthday. He should have been here: he should be here now to enjoy the circus of American politics and media; to feel the same frustration I feel at the lack of support from the West (with the exception of the United States) and the left for the Iranian protesters; to discuss the righteousness and the excess of the #MeToo movement; and so much more. Glad to have had him in my life for as long as I did – will never stop missing him or being angry that he is gone.


Today would have been my brother’s 68th birthday. I wrote about him here (on the anniversary of his death) and I won’t add much in this post, other than to say he would absolutely love this political climate – not the divisions or anger, but the vibrant, rebellious aspects. And it would be so great to have him to talk to about it. In his honour, I post two terrific columns about Obama’s disastrous legacy. Alan would agree with both of them! The first is from Lord Black; the second from John Robson.