Frat Boys: The Heroes we Didn’t Know we Needed

Who knew? Fraternities have taken a PR beating over the years, often with very good reason. But boy, do they deserve applause and reconsideration right now. At UNC Chapel Hill, a group of them protected the American flag from the Jew-hating campus Kristallnacht crowd, standing strong as they were pelted with all manner of unpleasant stuff, including the mindless jeering of the mob. This seems to have set off a chain reaction of other fraternities doing the same, or variations thereof: at one university, frat guys sang the American anthem at the top of their lungs, drowning out the keffiyeh-clad half-wits; at another, they used chants of “USA” for the same purpose.

Such young men! Gives one hope.

If these boys weren’t impressive enough, here’s more – a GoFundMe was set up to thank them and give them money to throw a proper Frat Boy “rager.” So far, there is over $500,000 in the fund, almost all of which they are donating to charity. They will keep a modest amount for their festivities. Not unrelated – a piece in Tablet here, about college life – what it ought to be, what it has become.

[Image above taken from Tablet piece.]