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Anne Innis Dagg

Anne Innis Dagg passed away – she was known as “the woman who loves giraffes.” There’s a halfway decent documentary about her that airs occasionally on HBO (I think). I enjoyed her autobiography, Smitten by Giraffe: My Life as a Citizen Scientist, although it made for tough reading in parts (when she writes about her time working in laboratories and the unnecessary testing on animals that she witnessed).

Thanksgiving and Elephants

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am thankful for much in my life – certainly living in this peaceful, if silly, little country must be on my gratitude list. Also, people who are kind to animals. Some cheer for the day and for this often sad world:


It is our stupidity and cruelty and selfishness toward animals that has caused all of what we are now experiencing. So, in a way, I am glad that our lockdown is allowing them to roam more freely. My fear, however — and I believe it is justified — is that once we are out and about again, and they have become accustomed to us not being out and about, they will pay the price (as always).

Haiku Quintet: Corona Edition

Verse for these trying times. (You can also read my Ode to the Banana, my Haiku for Alex Trebek, and my Paris poem.)



makes us stay inside and watch

reruns of Mad Men.


Covid 19 is,

I think, payback for human

abuse of critters.


So, while you watch Mad

Men or Bewitched, enjoy a

vegan snack or drink.


(If you choose Bewitched,

try not to channel Mrs.

Kravitz while shut in.)


And when we are free

again, don’t revert to the

eating of carcass.