Liz Truss

With the weakness of the U.S. leadership and – it goes without saying – Canadian leadership, the likelihood that Liz Truss will be the next UK prime minister is a good thing. Good piece about her here, which, unfortunately, is behind a paywall.


A Truss-led government could be the most radical British Conservative administration since Margaret Thatcher, a game changer on the world stage, willing to challenge the old guard and offer conservative ideas and solutions to global problems. Truss understands, as did Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, that strength and determination – combined with a belief in cutting taxes and regulations, and reining in the power of the state – are a tremendous formula for success.

It is highly encouraging that Ms Truss is feared, even hated by the enemies of the free world in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. They understand that she will stand her ground. As foreign secretary, she amply demonstrated that she will not be intimidated by dictatorial regimes.

One lives in hope!

I’d like to add how impressed I was with the diversity of the British Tory leadership race and the party itself – some of these young up-and-comers are impressive: Kemi Badenoch, in particular.