Spooky Cemetery Cats

Ok, they’re not spooky. They’re gorgeous. Both of the cemeteries featured here provide some care for the ferals who live on their grounds – I think the Italians do a better job of it, though.

The first two are from the Cimetiere de Montmartre, Paris, 2018. Truffaut and Stendahl and La Goulue are also buried there, so those artistic giants are in good feline company.

“Do you mind, lady? I’m trying to groom.”

When a cat finds a ray of sunshine, a cat’s got to rest, even on someone else’s final resting place.

Next images are all from Rome’s Protestant Cemetery – or Cimitero Acattolico.

Radical Calico Cat, hanging with Gramsci, 2016.

At Keats’ grave, contemplating life, poetry and mice, 2016.

Whose ghost are you? 2013.

“Leaving already, tourist? Good.” 2013.

Happy Hallowe’en, all!