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Sir Roger Scruton

A great loss – I feel as I did when Hitchens died.

A few appreciations: Essay from the Times Literary Supplement; Roger Scruton and the Burden of non-Conformism; Scruton himself on Why Beauty Matters; wonderful obit from National Review; Scruton again on how identity politics destroys freedom.

Lucky for us he was British. The UK has a robust media culture which allows for more dissent than the one in Canada. There could never be a Canadian Scruton, sadly.

Tips for Extroverts

I am an introvert – the only one – from a family of extroverts. In this way only, I can relate to Barron Trump. I am an introvert (I am so extreme in this regard a friend of mine calls me a “Shiite introvert”) and as today is apparently “World Introvert Day” – very odd, indeed – I had a thought I wanted to share with my dear readers. Why are there so many articles with titles like “New Year’s Tips for Introverts” (seriously, have seen several of them this week), or “How Introverts can Improve their Social Interaction” and so forth?

We are not the annoying ones! Extroverts are! We don’t need to improve our social interaction – we avoid it, which is a blessing to all. If only extroverts would do the same.

How about “Tips for Extroverts: Stop Bothering Everyone with your Incessant Talk and Opinions and Ideas, not to mention your Very Presence,” or “Guess what? You are not Witty, Mr./Ms. Extrovert. You are just a Nuisance,” or “Extroverts – for Once in your Damndable Life, just Stay Home and Be Quiet, Because People don’t Actually like your Exuberance!”?

Et cetera.

Trust me, extroverts. No one will miss you at the party. NO ONE. And on that note, I wish you a happy World Introvert Day. May we all celebrate on our own, in our own homes.