U.S. Election

About the American election – I found both candidates anxiety-inducing. But I think conservatives and Republicans should be pleased: Biden will be president, but the progressive left has been dealt a serious blow. I hope the Republicans will hold the Senate – should that happen, this will be the first time in 116 years that the one who won the presidency didn’t carry the Senate. That would be terrific. Further, it would seem Trump got more votes from minorities this time around, as well as from white women, whereas white men moved over to Biden. This puts to death the notion that Trump supporters can be dismissed as white supremacists and bigots, et cetera.

There is a genius somewhere in the American voter and in the system of checks and balances. Biden goes to the White House with the GOP potentially in the driver’s seat. I think the example of Susan Collins in Maine is noteworthy: she won by nine points when her opponent spent $100 million. And yet the state of Maine went Democratic. The United States is a healthy democracy with robust public debate. I’m not naive, and Biden could – and likely will – disappoint. But I hope he will cut the vile AOC/Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib gang of antisemites and economic illiterates out of the picture.